Construction Issues

When you are the victim in a financial scam or are unfairly treated by a seller of goods or a service provider of any type, you may have the right to sue for damages. Fausett Law PC attorneys represent clients who have been the victims of consumer fraud scams, construction disputes, automobile purchase fraud, vendor dishonesty and other issues.

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Does My Case Have to Go to Court?

At Fausett Law PC  we’ve gained years of experience representing individuals and businesses in a wide range of matter. Experience tells us that lawsuits are a last resort, and not a decision that most people enter into without a great deal of thought and deliberation. We work hard to avoid the cost and inconvenience of litigation. And when a non-adversarial remedy is available, we will pursue it vigorously, knowing that it is in your or your business’s best interest to have an attorney guiding, overseeing and protecting your legal interests through that process.

Sometimes, however, a business or individual is left without a choice and must pursue an adversary  to the full extent that the law allows — as when our landlord clients are denied rent; our small business clients are dealing with collection issues; our homeowner clients are fighting an unscrupulous contractor. When these issues arise, we stand up for you and your rights.

Regardless of where you are in the process, and whether or not you are the plaintiff or defendant, you are welcome to discuss all of your options with one of the exceptional attorneys at Fausett Law PC .


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