Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Fausett Law Attorneys Find Resolutions in Landlord-Tenant Disputes

At Fausett Law P.C., in DuPage County, Illinois, we diligently attempt to resolve disagreements between residential and commercial landlords and their tenants.

Landlords have rights. Tenants have rights. Our job is to find a resolution to serious landlord-tenant disputes. This can come through mediation or litigation. While we strive to avoid the court process due to the cost and inconvenience, when necessary, we will fight for you in a court of law and are experienced in that regard. Contact us to discuss your legal problem involving a residential or commercial lease today.

Commercial Lease Review

Often the first step in resolving a commercial landlord-tenant dispute is to thoroughly review the commercial lease signed by both parties. Who has certain obligations? Were those obligations carried out to the letter of the document?

At Fausett Law PC we have experience in not only reviewing these types of contracts, but also understanding when the contracts can be terminated and when they can be enforced.

Mediating and Litigating Landlord-Tenant Disputes

At Fausett Law PC, we have mediated and litigated cases that involve lease disputes and various forms of evictions. An eviction is not just the judicial result of a tenant’s not paying rent; evictions can include constructive evictions, where a landlord makes the property uninhabitable, or illegal self-help evictions, where a landlord locks a tenant out of its business premises.


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