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On January 1, 2018, the new State Tax Lien Registration Act went into effect, changing how state tax liens are filed in Illinois.

The act created a single centralized Illinois State Tax Lien Registry for filing notices of tax liens.


What is Statewide Tax Lien Registry?

The Statewide Tax Lien Registry is an online, searchable database of Illinois tax liens filed or released by the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR). The registry documents all active tax liens as of January 1, 2018, and all future lien filings and releases.

Registry Website: Illinois State Tax Lien Registry

IDOR will no longer be recording its liens or releases with local county recorders.  Going forward, IDOR will maintain its own searchable Illinois State Tax Lien Registry and you can no longer search for liens through your county.


Illinois State Tax Lien Registry Video


How to know if a tax lien has been filed?

Anyone can search the Illinois State Tax Lien Registry. The registry is the only location available to search liens filed by the Illinois Department of Revenue. You will no longer be able to inquire through each individual county.


How to access the Illinois Tax Lien Registry?

You can access the registry through the “Lien Registry” link under the “Quick Links” section on the Illinois Department of Revenue website at, or visit this direct link.


How do I find a tax lien?

When you are at the Statewide Tax Lien Registry, you can search for a tax lien using multiple forms of search criteria including:

  • Lien ID
  • FEIN
  • Business name
  • Lien filed or released date
  • Taxpayer first and last name
  • Street address
  • Combination of above

Seal of IllinoisSearch results are dependent on how the taxpayer is registered with the department. A general search or using a partial name could provide multiple results.

Search results will appear as a list of liens at the bottom of the screen. If no tax lien appears in the list area, you may want to modify search criteria to assure you have the correct information.

The results row will identify specific information about the lien, such as the date filed and the date released if applicable. For more information on a specific lien, click on the blue “Lien ID” hyperlink. The lien detail will now be visible.

Any questions about the status or the validity of the tax lien must be addressed by the taxpayer. The taxpayer is the only person who may contact the department about the lien. Call by phone at 217-785-5299.


Due diligence recommended

Because this tax lien system is new, property owners with existing tax liens before January 1, 2018, should perform due diligence that includes searching both the Illinois State Tax Lien Registry and your county recorder office to ensure all relevant state tax lien information is discovered.


Vist the Illinois Statewide Tax Lien Registry


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