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Attorneys practicing in and around the Chicagoland area. Experienced in the practice areas of Real Estate Law, Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Litigation, Business Law, & Estate Law.

Attorneys At Law - Attorneys practicing in and around the Chicagoland area. Experienced in the practice areas of Real Estate Law, Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Litigation, Business Law, & Estate Law.

Glen Ellyn’s Guide to Protecting Your Business

Anyone who has come across a great idea or opportunity will soon come to realize how easy it can be to start your own LLC in Illinois. It can be as simple as creating a business account and signing up for an EIN. These initial stages can be exciting but also frightening and that is where legal guidance can help. When starting any business, it is first important to understand the difference between corporate law and business law. Corporate law details the legal aspects governing sale and distribution of goods while business law covers legal aspects used in mergers, acquisitions, the formation of companies and rights of shareholders. No matter your business, it is important to have in-depth knowledge of both laws. 

When starting a business, business law attorneys can give you advice on how to form and register while you decide how and where your business will operate. It is important to have a business lawyer in order to protect it from the beginning. In addition to initial beginnings, a business lawyer can assist with contracts, and lawsuits. Unless you have experience with legal terminology, it can become complicated to understand the initial terms in a contract as well as to look out for specific clauses and phrases that could hurt your company in the long run. 

For the state of Illinois, a key risk for owning a business is the liability for accidents and mistakes. A company can rack up thousands of unnecessary dollars from a variety of issues from the products or services provided. When dealing with commercial property this involves the losses governed by commercial law. Commercial law focuses on the sale and distribution of goods as well as financing of certain transactions. This policy would be commercial property because it covers losses resulting from the damage or destruction of business property. This property can range from real estate to machinery to valuable documents. Getting this policy can be as easy as walking up to your local law office, contacting a business attorney and then describing the property that you would to like to get insured. This attorney will either direct you to the proper insurance company or write up a policy themselves. It is also valuable to note that the terms business attorney and corporate attorney can be used interchangeably.  

If your business involves personal or property injuries caused by products manufactured or distributed, then your insurance would fall under product liability. If your business involves room for professional error or the possibility of negligence and malpractice, then your insurance will fall under professional liability. However, if your business has general legal hassles then it would fall under general liability. It is important to define the specific types of liability that can protect your business. 

After reaching out for legal assistance and acquiring the necessary legal protection, a new business owner can feel comfortable and safe to operate and grow their business to their full potential.

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